19 Kids and Counting, The Duggar Family

Scott Enlow/TLC

The Duggars and their ever-expanding tribe seem to do a bang-up job of child rearing. Just look at all the smiling faces, the cheerful dispositions, the abundant, free-flowing love vibe. But with that many kids, odds are that there may be something dark lurking somewhere.

Here we have young James, who shares openly about his advanced addiction that's apparently teetering on the brink of control. Sure, it seems innocuous now...

"Almost every day I eat a piece of cinnamon toast. I accidentally got sick once from it, but it's so good. I already ate five today."

Five today?! Where will it stop? It's not that far from mainlining cinnamon toast to the permanent midnight of Kellog's Buzz Blasts to—God forbid—the hardcore depths of Honey Smacks.

Someone tell Dr. Drew to get a bunk ready, STAT!

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