Jamie Oliver, Food Revolution


You say you want a revolution, Jamie Oliver? Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Unified School District doesn't want you doing it in its kitchen.

The popular British chef, who sought to improve what kids were consuming at schools in Huntington, W. Va., during the Emmy-winning first season of his ABC reality show, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, is facing some resistance when it comes to doing the same in the City of Angels.

"Our feeling was that his time would be better spent or invested in other communities," Melissa Infusino, the director of partnerships in the superintendent's office, told the Los Angeles Times.

Oliver and his crew are now scrambling to find a backup location for the new season.

The statement comes on the heels of a recent letter, signed by Infusino, that was sent to our E! pal and Food Revolution producer Ryan Seacrest, which essentially implies that L.A.'s got everything under control, thankyouverymuch.

"While we appreciate your interest in our school meal program, we believe our direct work with nutrition experts, health advocates, the community, schools and students is the most effective strategy for our continued success and improvement," it reads.

Perhaps. But we can't help but feel that Oliver would be a great added ingredient.  

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