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From Cee-Lo's "F--k You" to a mashup of Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Gene Kelly's "Singin' in the Rain," Gwyneth Paltrow should start looking at Emmy!

Jane Lynch is kvelling over the Oscar winner's upcoming guest spot on Glee

"She can deliver the goods," Lynch told me at BAFTA L.A.'s Britannia Awards. "She's a quadruple threat. We knew she could act, we knew she was gorgeous, but she sings and dances amazingly well, too!

"She's so good. You would never know it. You'd think, 'Oh, she's probably going to have to fake her way through it.' Not at all. She's a hoofer!"

Carol Burnett will also pop up this season as Sue Sylvester's Nazi-hunting mother. "We have some amazingly funny, touching scenes," Lynch beamed. "We actually do a number together where we sing, 'Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why Did I Leave Ohio?' "

Nope, that ain't no Rihanna or Cee-Lo. "Ohio" is a song from the musical, Wonderful Town.

"It's outrageous," Lynch said. "Carol Burnett, Olivia Newton-John and I did a Madonna song. They're making dreams I didn't even know I had come true."

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