Skeet Ulrich, Law & Order

Dean Hendler/NBC

Yes, that was the real-deal LAPD crashing the set of  Law & Order: Los Angeles yesterday.

The actual cops mingled with the fake ones after a crew member discovered a working handgun while the show was shooting on location in the wetlands of Playa Del Ray, E! News has learned.

Cue the "bum-bum," here's what went down...

Officers retrieved a semiautomatic pistol and are now planning to test-fire it to make sure it wasn't used in any crimes.

"It was just found. It didn't have anything to do with the show," says a police spokesman.

A rep for the Law & Order spinoff tells E! News the production was shooting a scene not far from LAX involving stars Skeet Ulrich and Corey Stoll, whose characters attempt to apprehend a murder suspect in a creek.

It was there a camera operator stumbled on the weapon.

"The camera operator saw the gun on a rock, picked it up and realized that it's really heavy and a couple of people there who know guns said it's a real gun," says show publicist Pam Golum. "They had police come over there to get it."

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