Leonardo DiCaprio

Jun Sato/WireImage.com

Turns out Leonardo DiCaprio's next big drama won't play out in a courtroom.

The woman accused of attacked him with a beer bottle at a party five years ago has decided to cop a plea, ending any chance the A-lister will pop up on the the witness stand.

"We believe we have a plea deal in place," Aretha Wilson's lawyer Freddy Sayegh told E! News after a scheduled court appearance this morning in L.A.

Prosecutors had offered two years in jail, but Sayegh said he is trying to finalize details on time served.

"We believe we have a strong self-defense claim, but the reason she's taking the plea is that she can be released tomorrow. So why go to trial?"

The D.A. declined to comment, saying the matter will be taken up before a judge on Friday.

Sayegh is scrambling to work out details with Canadian and U.S. authorities to get a sentence of time served for his client, who has logged almost a year of house arrest in Canada on a separate assault charge, five months in an L.A. jail and 45 days in Canadian custody, which includes transport to the U.S. for the charge.

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