Sister Wives


Once again, Kody Brown, the man who puts the "more" back in Mormon, the man who could field a doubles game with his better halves, the man with just a boatload of women is back for the Sister Wives Special. Because the regular season just wasn't special enough, apparently.

This is how Kody explains how the family deals with issues of insecurity...

"Most of the time you're in love ... just because something's a little kinked here, a lot of couples never even go to that place. But we've actually said, after 20 years, 'I love you. I'm comitted. And I choose to stay.'"

So you can see insecurity is really not an issue. I love the hefty one, and the one with the big nose and the kinda mean one equally. And, of course, the new one with the hot body. I really love her equally.

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