If Kim Kardashian ever wanted to hand Reggie Bush his just deserts, well...Ta-da!

The famous exes were the inspiration for a pair of tea-party appropriate sweets prepared on tonight's Top Chef: Just Desserts—and the snuggly pairing of a citrus-filled macaroon with an almond spongecake was the closest the two have been in ages!

Cheftestant Morgan Wilson came up with the idea to do a sweet 'n' sour pairing after spying—timeliness, people!—a tabloid with a "Reggie's got a ring but isn't proposing" story on it.

While that headline probably left a pretty bad taste in Kim's mouth, did she and Reggie prove to be a better pairing on a plate?

"You could taste Kim's bitterness. I don't know if I really enjoyed tasting it," remarked one of the judges' tablemates when she bit into the Kim-inspired bittersweet citrus macaroon.

But while Morgan was called out for making a two-bite dessert instead of a one-biter, Food & Wine Editor-in-Chief Dana Cowin said it was a macaroon she was "willing to take two bites of."

Reggie, for his part, was "easy to eat with a spoon," commented head judge Johnny Iuzzini. "Wow, that's delicious!" marveled Cowin.

In fact, though he didn't win the challenge, Morgan's Reggie-and-Kim coupling was worthy of a second-place finish.

Just like in real life.

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