Demi Lovato

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So True So False, STSF

Sure, Demi Lovato is a squeaky-clean 18-year-old Disney princess come to life, but that's not necessarily a guarantee that she won't make some bad life choices fairly early on. In fact, it might be the opposite.

So when rumors popped up this morning that the Sonny With a Chance star, who when last we checked was solo, was suddenly Engaged With a Fat Rock, we did a little digging. And came across what appeared to be confirmation.

"You guys….I'm engaged!!!!!!!!" Demi herself tweeted this morning. But is she really? You'll never believe it, but this rumor is…

So true!

Seriously. Well, kind of seriously.

While Lovato did in fact accept a proposal yesterday, it was from a teen fan—a pretty adorable one at that—and, we're guessing (err, hoping) was all in jest.

In addition to the pictorial proof Lovato posted on her Twitter page, a video of the magic moment has already made its way onto YouTube. Now she knows how Hilary Duff felt.

"Yes, put it on me, right there," Lovato told the on-bended-knee cutie, directing the ring in his hand to her appropriate finger. "Right there, we're doing this. We are doing this.

"Thank you so much!" she went on, hugging her delighted new suitor. "I can't wait to get married."

Is there a better sport in all of Hollywood?

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