Randy Quaid, Evi Quaid

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Looks like we're not the only ones who wish Randy and Evi Quaid would just go away.

Meet Lannette Turicchi. The California homeowner who had the ever-kooky Quaids arrested a few weeks ago for squatting in her homes in Pasadena and Montecito, Calif., has obtained a temporary restraining order against the wacky couple.

Guess you really can't go home again.

Per court documents filed in Santa Barbara Superior Court and obtained by RadarOnline, the Vacation star and his wife must stay at least 200 yards away from Turicchi's residence, office, car and her children's school or daycare. They also are barred from contacting her or her family by phone or any other means including mail and email.

Apparently taking his Cousin Eddie schtick way too seriously, Randy and Evi crashed the guest house on Turicchi's property, insisting to police who took them into custody on Sept. 18 that they were the owners of the house going back to the 1990s. Only problem was that the current occupant provided evidence to the contrary, showing she'd bought the estate from a man who purchased it from the Quaids back in 2007.

Apparently, the duo didn't know about it—or didn't care. They were charged with felony burglary and entering a building without consent, a misdemeanor. Evi also was slapped with a resisting arrest charge.

If the Quaids violate the injunction, they could wind up behind bars again and face fines up to $1,000.

The twosome already spent a brief stint in the slammer back in April for skipping out on a hotel bill. And Becky Altringer, a private investigator who once was under their employ and is now suing them for back pay, filed for a restraining order against the Quaids claiming they were harrassing her.

A hearing on the Turicchi matter has been scheduled for Oct. 26 at which point the judge will determine whether to extend the restraining order for three years.

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