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Fasten your gun holters, folks—or better yet, just shove 'em in your waistbands like the pros do—because NBC is doling out a slew of crime fightin', legal-eagle goodness this fall.

And thanks to today's jampacked Press Tour in Beverly Hills, we're privy to the ins and outs of the four newbies: Law & Order: Los Angeles (LOLA), The Chase, Undercovers and Outlaw.

So come on in and join the party. Promise, the scoop is worth it...


Scream's Billy Loomis lives! Skeet Ulrich returns this fall in the next incarnation of Law & Order, or as creator Dick Wolf calls it, the "Mothership." Info about the show has been pretty scarce, but we do have a few new tidbits to share.

• Skeet plays Rex Winters, a second-generation LAPD detective who is married to his ex-partner (the role has yet to be cast), and has kids from a previous marriage. He's an "all business kind of guy."

• Since the new digs happen to be L.A., look for celeb inspired stories. Says Dick: "It's part of the L.A. mix—how can you do a show in L.A. without celebrity crime? It's what this city is most known for."

• Meet the new Jack McCoys! Terrence Howard and Alfred Molina will hold down the court side of things, as LOLA's ADAs.

• And now the scoop you've all been waiting for—how do you spell that infamous L&O musical cue? Hate to break it to you, but Dick himself doesn't even know! "I say 'Ching, Ching' and people say, 'Dun, Dun'. I don't think it's spellable." And there you have it.


• J.J. Abrams' new not-Alias series stars the criminally goodlooking Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a catering-company-owning married couple who rejoin the CIA after having retired years prior. Yep, very Mr. and Mrs. Smithy. 

• And just because J.J.'s involved don't think this is Alias: The Married Years. Says executive producer Josh Reims: "Don't tell J.J., but I never really watched Alias. When we sat down the first thing we talked about  was neither one of us wanted to do Alias."

• For the record, married does not equal boring. In fact, Josh and J.J. felt "liberated" from the usual "will they, won't they?" tension on most shows (we're talking to you Bones, House, etc.) "You can have them have real fights and they're not gonna get divorced." Sweet!

• After you see the pilot, you may think Gerald McRaney's Carlton Shaw is a grumpy old man. But think again, he says: "There are secrets to be revealed about Mr. Shaw and about the agency and their plans for these two [Boris and Gugu]."

• A little sumpin' sumpin' to look forward to: "Yesterday I was shooting in a strip club in three different languages. It's a dream come true as an actor," Boris joked.


As we live and breathe, Miguel Prado sits before us—as a retired judge turned good-guy lawyer! Jimmy Smits is back on NBC this fall, and he's bringing along Carly Pope (Popular), Jesse Bradford (Swimfan) and David Ramsey (Dexter) to help fight the fight.

• Show runner Jonathan Littman says Carly's character is "the most lawless on the show," which sounds fun, right?!

• And Jimmy is up for anything when it comes to character arcs and plotlines. "For me, the bottom line is what's on the page," he tells reporters. "The opportunity to deal with legal matters and hot-button issues" is fun for the vet.


• This brand of crime-fighting comes courtesy of several U.S. Marshalls, spearheaded by the awesome Kelli Giddish (Past Life). "It's called Chase, baby!" the action lovin' star gushed to reporters Friday afternoon.

Jesse Metcalfe, Cole Hauser, Amaury Nolasco and Rose Rollins round out the sexy cast, and here are their brief self-descriptions:

• Kelli: "Annie is the leader of the team. She's blun,t goes right to the point, but has a huge part. She's involved in this game of cat and mouse."

• Cole: "He grew up dreaming of being in law enforcement. There's a great love affair [with Annie], but not in a sexual way, just as partners having each other's back."

• Jesse: "Luke Watson is the new addition to the team. I'm often called the 'green bean.' I had to leave Washinton, D.C., because I did something bad [and] I broke the law in some way."

• Amaury: "Marco Martinez is an immigrant from Puerto Rico. He worked in narcotics and has [seen] a share of dark things that nobody would want to see. He chose to be a marshall because he felt there was a fulfillment in catching bad guys."

• Rose: "I'm Daisy, aka Hurricane. I balance out the chatterbox over here, which is Marco because I am a woman of few words. I come from a tight-knit family."

And in the not-at-all-a-crime-drama category, NBC's new Thursday night comedy Outsourced fielded a few questions from reporters, too, and here's what they revealed:

• Showrunners Ken Kwapis and Robert Borden say that regardless of what you may have heard, Outsourced is not offensive, and strictly aims to deliver laughs. Robert also revealed that there will be life outside the call center. The show will aim to show a different side of India, not just the Slumdog Millionaire version, including "upscale restaurants."

• The background characters seen in the premiere/pilot episode will develop many of their own storylines as the season progresses, including a Bollywood singing competition and some love connections. 

Any new faves popping out at you? Let us know in the comments!

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker


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