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Comic-Con 2010

Viking fans, beware! This next bit of True Blood dish might make you want to claws your eyes out—or something slightly less gruesome, but still...

"I do believe that Bill and Sookie are soulmates," show runner and all around vamptastic man Alan Ball declared during tonight's True Blood panel at Comic-Con.

See, if you're ultimately rooting for Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)  to steal the Bon Temps babe's heart, Alan is the guy you'd want saying something totally different than what he just did. And you guessed it, there's more...

Alan also went on to say: "I think that Bill and Sookie of the show have become slightly different from the Bill and Sookie of the books. [And] I personally root for things to work out between them." And here's the kicker: "I don't know if they will, but I believe the love is true between them."

But (and this is a very big but!), book lovers might gush a little over this tease. Says Alan of season four (yep, he's looking all the way to next year!): "There's a character that doesn't really know who he or she is and becomes a different person than we've gotten to know, and maybe someone who has hated this person doesn't hate them so much anymore." Ringing any bells? Hm? Hmmm?

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OK, now let's get to the True Blood scooptacular roundup:

Alcide: Mr. Ab-licious, aka Joe Manganiello and new series regular (woot! or should that be woof?!) promised some, um, skin in this coming Sunday's ep."You're gonna like this weekend's episode" if you like yourself some nakie werewolf.

Tara: The unlucky in love gal is going to keep hitting those rough patches. Says Alan: "There will be a brief break for her toward the end of this season, but it won't last." But Rutina Wesley is game either way. "As an actor, it's meaty for me to have all of these challenges to overcome so to speak. I kind of like being unstable."

And speaking of unstable, James Frain's Franklin is going to ooze more fabulousness as we go. "I don't think we're going to delve into why he's a psychopath, but we're going to luxuriate in the nature of his psychopathology." Thumbs up, Ball!

Jessica: Deborah Ann Woll says Jess and Hoyt are dunzo for now. "Particularly for young people, you have to figure out who you are before you love someone else."

Lafayette: Nelsan Ellis stayed mum on many storylines, but did tease that he loves anytime he gets to say "bitch," so there's that. Bitch.

Pam: Kristin Bauer didn't say much, but had some of the best zingers of the night. When asked about working with wild animals, K interjected and said: "Oh, Skarsgård isn't so bad once you get used to him." Best. Line. Ever.

Sam: Sam Trammell teases more family woes, and a "gruesome" scene still to come. Bleh!

Eric: With Alex MIA, there wasn't a ton of talk about Eric, but in the promo we saw, E is out for blood to avenge the murder of his family. And he's taking out the king and the queen to do so. Just look back to the top of this story for more Viking goodies to ponder.

Bill: So, Bill's a little crazy right now, no? Stephen Moyer spills: "Alan and I talked about that in the beginning of the season about taking Bill too far and where we come back from, and there still more to come. But the fact is that it's just so delicious to do. The more crazy, the better."

Sookie: Anna Paquin is a badass and loves both kicking ass and getting her ass kicked—all things we'll see soon enough (especially against one nutty werechick, Debbie Pelt (Britt Morgan). "Her life has beat her up so much, and she's starting to fight back," Anna teases. Plus, those powers! "We're gonna find out what they really are...later on."

There's still loads of Comic-Con fun to come, so stick around!

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