Oksana Grigorieva didn't hold anything back today about Mel Gibson, blaming her baby daddy for trashing her name and dragging sister Natalie into this never-ending scandal.

"Mel is a liar!" she said matter-of-factly. "He's lying. There's no extortion and there's no texts, and no emails, OK? And I'm fighting for my child and he's just a liar, and it will come up in the court, just wait."

Asked about the claims made yesterday by the Hollywood Reporter that her sibling is under investigation for allegedly leaking the volatile conversations to RadarOnline, Grigorieva was blunt.

"She doesn't have them, she erased them a long time ago," she insisted while paying a stop to her attorney Marci Levine's office.

Meanwhile, E! News has learned that Gibson took preventive measures to try to keep his remarks from ever going public.

While Grigorieva has been looking to bulk up her legal representation, E! has exclusively learned that Gibson himself has also been shopping around for more legal eagles to add to his high-powered team that already includes attorneys Blair Berk and Robert Kaufman—one that might give his current media predicament a much-needed feminist touch.

Gibson has been meeting with Susan Estrich, a renowned attorney with the civil litigation firm Quinn Emanuel and author of such books as Real Rape, Who Needs Feminism, Sex and Power? and The Case for Hilary Clinton.

Gibson managed to sneak in for several consultations with Estrich. Nine days before the salacious tapes came out, attorneys were asked to find a way to stop his remarks from ever hitting the Internet. The lawyer and her team were were also given the task of figuring out a legal solution to eliminate the quotes from the Web altogether.

Obviously, the attempt was unsuccessful. Radar began excerpting the tapes on July 9.

Meanwhile, today's scheduled hearing between the two sides was canceled, and there's been no word yet as to when it will take place.

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