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Hey, even the Amityville Horror house eventually found a new owner.

Despite there being "no truth" to the rumor that Mel Gibson was planning to hide out relocate to his native Australia, it turns out the former box-office megastar is looking to unload Lavender Hill Farm, the 2.75-acre Malibu property where he supposedly unleashed his audio-recorded rage on Oksana Grigorieva, to the tune of $14.5 million.

But, contrary to how this sounds, Gibson is not cutting and running from the 'Bu.

The very posh-sounding property has been on the market for 137 days, long before he managed to top his 2006 DUI performance with those nasty rants at his baby mama.

Lavender Hill Farm is in the secluded, celeb-friendly Serra Retreat neighborhood. It boasts a newly remodeled 5,403-square-foot main house with six bedrooms and six bathrooms, three guest houses, two offices, a detached gym, fruit orchards, a pool and a lighted tennis court.

You'd think that would be enough space for someone to cool off before he flips his lid, but perhaps not.

And if you believe what Gibson says when he's at his loud, irrational worst, he's in dire need of a cash infusion in anticipation of a major payday for ex-wife Robyn and child support for his daughter with Grigorieva—not including whatever he's forced to shell out as he and Grigorieva try to settle their differences in court.

But maybe real estate lightning will strike twice for the beleaguered Gibson, who sold his Greenwich, Conn., estate for the bargain price of $24 million last month.

Bargain, in the sense that he listed the 75-acre property, which includes a 16,000-square-foot Tudor-style mansion, for $39.5 million in 2007. (But Gibson bought the spread in 1994 for $9.3 million, so don't cry for him just yet.)

Whether or not would-be estate buyers are going to shy away from Gibson's Malibu manse because of who he is and what he's done (and we're not talking Braveheart), this isn't exactly a seller's market and we're thinking it's going to cost someone less than $14.5 million to have his own fights within those hallowed walls.

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