Kelly Osbourne, Woody

Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa Press; Twitter

The line to give Kelly Osbourne a hug starts here.

Just when it seemed like her personal life had sustained a brutal enough hit in the form of an allegedy cheating ex-fiancé, life has dealt the reality starlet another blow.

After spending the weekend dancing away her problems in Las Vegas, Osbourne returned home last night to another life-jostling tragedy:

"My life just could not get any worst right now I come home to find my dog woody is dead," she tweeted.

Kelly had only bought the Pomeranian pup last month as a gift for Luke Worrall, whom she said at the time had been jealous over how much her other canine companion, Sid, loved her.

"Luke and I are now the parents of a new baby boy called woody he is 1 lbs ball fluff I have never seen anything like him," she tweeted on June 1.

A short time later, she made good on her promise and posted a picture (or three) of the fluffball by way of introduction:

"This is Woody the newest member of mine and luke's family!"

RIP, Woody. And hang in there, Kelly.

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