There's nothing like cold, articulate, dispassionate reporting on major issues of the day. There's especially nothing like it on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, where hot-blooded Jane finds herself unable to tether her outrage over Lindsay Lohan's sentencing. Then again, maybe "issues" refers to the host's problems.

And speaking of problems, alleged pilot and even more alleged fame whore Bachelor Jake Pavelka brings new meaning to the term "snippy" during the grudge match sit-down with the woman of his dreams, Vienna. Yes, ladies, he's still a bachelor.

Joel McHale is serving up plenty more of this delicious fare tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT from a scorching vat of fresh Soup!

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But why deprive yourself of hearty laughs until tonight, when there are plenty of them ready now, fresh out of the Soup blog video gallery.

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