Jim Parsons

Kevin Parry/Paley Center for Media

"It would just be nice to have a group experience with the Emmys in the same way it's a group experience every day on the set."

So said The Big Bang Theory's beloved Emmy nominee Jim Parsons when we asked about his series' Best Comedy snub for yet another year.

Still, there is some cause to celebrate—like his solo acting nod for the "Soft Kitty"-lovin' Sheldon Cooper, of course!

"Oh, I guess I'm OK," he teased when we caught up with him just moments after nominations were announced this morning. "I'm excited, too. It really is fun."

And unlike every other celeb we've talked to today, Jim was actually up watching the announcement. "I'm a little psychotic and don't like people knowing things before I do," he laughed. "Whatever happened, I wanted to make sure I knew as quickly as everybody else. I can't help it."

So know, he did! Still, it didn't make his nomination any less bittersweet.

"Just to be honest, I'm sad about Big Bang Theory, and I was hoping it would [be nominated]," he said. "It's such a crapshoot, you can count on nothing. But at the same time it's a wonderful list of shows that was up there."

Keeping things in perspective, Jim added: "The most important thing is that we get to keep doing our jobs, and doing them well, and then there's always next year."

Indeed, there is—and our fingers are crossed! And in lieu of some BBT action, Jim's setting his support behind another Emmy fave.

"I've especially enjoyed the time I've spent watching Modern Family," he told us of his ABC rival. "It's a really well-done show, and they've got a heck of a good cast, too."

So sweet, that Jim Parsons. A deserving Emmy contender, at that.

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