Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson

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It's round two of our Twi-Potter Tournament, a weeklong showdown with daily duels between the two smash-hit franchises. Today's face-off is the between the leading ladies:

Bella Swan: Kristen Stewart's "average girl" isn't so average when you factor in that both a vampire and a werewolf fall in love with her. Bella's pretty looks and stubborn, private mind definitely keep her supernatural paramours, Edward and Jacob, on their toes.

Hermione Granger: Emma Watson's know-it-all character is no simple bookworm; this Muggle-born witch has definitely kicked her share of evil ass. And between Victor Krum and Ron Weasley, she's no slouch in the romance department, either.

Twi-Potter Tournament: Round 2
Which leading lady is your heroine?

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