Randy Quaid, Evi Quaid, Mugshot

Santa Barbara Sheriff?s Dept

Let's just hope this time Randy Quaid and the missus bring some cash on their next vacation.

Two days after being briefly jailed, Randy and Evi Quaid worked out a deal today to avoid felony charges for dodging a $10,000 hotel bill.

Evi pleaded no contest to a downgraded misdemeanor charge of defrauding an innkeeper, according to Santa Barbara Senior Deputy District Attorney Arnis Tolks. In return, prosecutors dropped felony counts against her and Randy, including defrauding an innkeeper, burglary and conspiracy.

Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Frank Ochoa sentenced Evi to three years' probation and 240 hours of community service.

"It's really up to probation to determine how she'll serve [the hours]," Tolks told E! News. "I doubt she'll be interested in serving hard labor, but whatever it is, it will have to be approved."

Both sides hashed out the agreement in Ochoa's chambers during a morning session.

Quaid attorney Robert Sanger said he was "pleased" with the outcome and suggested the best plan for Evi's service.

"We're going try and work it out so that she can use her talents and abilities in the performing arts to help with a homeless project for homeless men," the lawyer said, adding that the plea bargain was a "win-win where everyone has come away in a good situation and the community will be all the better for it."

As for the unpaid bill that started this whole mess?

"This hotel bill was paid back in September of 2009, and the judge even recited that from the bench," Sanger said. "It was very complicated... but the bottom line is one of the things Evi said when she stepped out in front of cameras [today] is that she understands there's a hotel bill and she has to make sure it's resolved one way or the other."

While we'll miss the Quaids' goofball shenanigans, we're glad we won't be subjected to any more of those mug shots.

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