Randy Quaid, Evi Quaid

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UPDATE: The odd couple posted bail and were released this afternoon after spending about three hours in custody.

You would think Randy Quaid and his missus would have learned their lesson by now. And there you'd be really wrong.

After taking their sweet time, Randy and Evi Quaid finally turned up for an overdue court hearing Monday only to get tossed behind bars by one pissed-off judge. 

Per Santa Barbara Senior Deputy District Attorney Arnie Tolks, Judge Frank Ochoa gave the constantly-on-the-lam couple a good tongue-lashing for having to issue a warrant for their arrest last week when they failed to appear for a scheduled court date.

And just what did hizzoner have to say?

"The judge was not very pleased with them," Tolks tells E! News."He thought they were disrespectful to the court, didn't appreciate the prior problems getting to court when the case started and didn't like them flashing their Golden Globe around at the last court appearance." (Yes, Evi Quaid brought her husband's statuette, earned for the 1987 TV movie LBJ: The Early Years, to a March hearing.)

Ochoa then ordered the dynamic duo taken into custody and upped their bail to $100,000 each, though he did give them credit for $20,000 they previously paid stemming from their arrest for allegedly skipping out on a hotel bill. (They have pleaded not guilty to a felony count and their lawyer says they repaid the $10,000 amount to the resort.)

Randy Quaid, Evi Quaid, Mugshot

Santa Barbara Sheriff?s Dept

The prosecutor said the Quaids both apologized to the judge, though no word what they said exactly. The duo were accompanied by their attorney, Robert Sanger, and a bail bondsman. There was no immediate comment from Sanger.

Ochoa has called a hearing for Wednesday to set a preliminary hearing, which will determine whether their case should go trial. He's also supposed to decide whether they can post bail.

Of course, he could decide not to show and just leave them festering in jail. Not that we'd blame him.

(Originally published April 26, 2010, at 1:58 p.m. PT)


The Quaids just love E! Online's Court Appearances gallery.

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