Natalie Portman

Greg Tidwell,

Which celeb is pretending to be eco-friendly, when in reality, she is putting her stuck-up interest first?

A certain young Hollywood celeb has decided to install fake grass at her house...but it's not for conservation. Think you know what the green-friendly (by default) gal is really doing?

Guess the Gossip: Sept. 30, 2009
Which slinky celeb's installing fake grass for a non-environmental purpose?

Think you know the green culprit?

Answer: Paris Hilton!

This should come as no surprise, because the heiress loves all her animals just so much she just wants the fluffiest playground possible for them, right?

Uh, so wrong, darlings! We're told Miss P is sick and tired of having a rundown lawn. The blame, 'course, goes straight to her dogs, who supposedly do their business all over Pare-Poo's gorgeous green grass (in Britney's old gated hood, natch), totally ruining it. Like Paris is actually bending down in her stilettos to pick up after them.

Anyhoo, P.H. has decided enough is enough and has installed fake grass so her pups' mess won't have to be her mess anymore, all the meanwhile enjoying the satisfaction she's all eco-friendly and crap.

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