With Friends like these, who needs reruns?

Phoebe Buffay Lisa Kudrow, with forever-linked-pal Courteney Cox by her side, last night broke out the guitar and delighted the crowd with a few bars of "Smelly Cat" at the Rock a Little Feed a Lot Feeding America charity concert.

OK, not so much broke out the guitar as had the guitar unsuspectingly foisted upon her by a goading crowd, but still.

Kudrow and Cox had made their way on stage with the express purpose of introducing Sheryl Crow, when an overeager (and possibly stuck in the '90s) audience member called out for the tune.

And while Kudrow hesitated at first, well, it's nice to surround yourself with people you know you can count on. Of which her former costar is apparently not one.

"Get her a guitar, people!" Cox yelled out.

"Is this a set up?" Kudrow asked, before giving in and entertaining the crowd.

Oh that Pheebs. As Chandler would say, could she be any more obliging?


So where was Jennifer Aniston in all this? Appearing in our Bitter Matrimony gallery, that's where.

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