The Amy Winehouse trainwreck just keeps chugging along, but, at least this time, it's taken a comical turn.

The supposedly rehabbed "Rehab" singer is attempting to rap. It's not pretty.

Joining vocalist Zalon in the jam session, she drops some impressive and memorable lines between random shrieks.

"Listen, I can write 10 raps a night, it don't matter, but you know that it's tight," she starts.

It gets better near the halfway point.

"I never knew. I never knew that I, well, I know I'm a Jew. Well, a Jewmaican anyway. If you can smoke bacon, then I reckon that I never knew Zalon was so good at drums. It kind of makes me feel more dumb."

Yeah. You're welcome.


Keeping with this morning's theme of total ridiculousness, we give you the Hollywood Wedgies gallery.

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