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We're happy Britney Spears is getting so much quality time with her sons, but she may want to scale back the Sesame Street marathons. And not just because her new, slightly phoned-in single, "3," could very well have been brought to us by the letters W, T and F.

The only new track to appear on her forthcoming compilation, The Singles Collection, the fun-with-numbers song—which debuted this morning on New York's Z100—features such thought-provoking lyrics as "everybody loves counting," "come out and play," and, oh yes, the ad nauseum repetition of "1, 2, 3."

Of course, the ménage à trois-promoting (and, oddly enough, Peter, Paul and Mary-referencing) tune isn't for the Big Bird set. Unless they too think that "living in sin is the new thing."

And being a Britney track, we're well aware it's also not for the lyric-dissecting set. It's for the dance floor set. And, since it happens to have been produced by Max Martin, the same guy responsible for Spears' career-launching "…Baby One More Time," we'd say it has a pretty good shot at becoming a hit.

What do you say?

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Is "3" a charm for Britney?


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