New Moon Poster, Cullens

Summit Entertainment

It must be a good day. We don't just get one new New Moon poster, we get three!

Plus, in the first, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are way touchy-feely. They're so close, it practically proves they're totally together IRL, even though they're posing as Bella and Edward.

Seriously, we hope Rob trimmed his nails. Otherwise, that's going to leave a rather scandalous mark on K.Stew's back.

The rest of the Cullens are in the background, but they're not touching each other at all. And Jackson Rathbone is giving a really creepy look. Yikes.

The wolves—including Taylor Lautner in a shirt, darn!—get all intimidating and pack-like in another of the posters. And the Volturi gang get red-eyed ready in the third.

The trio are all tagged at the top with "The Next Chapter Begins."

Actually, it doesn't begin for another 53 days, not like we're counting or anything.

New Moon Poster, Wolf Pack

Summit Entertainment

New Moon poster, Volturi

Summit Entertainment


New Moon is, like, so five minutes from now. See what's a bit further down the Forks road in the Total Eclipse gallery!

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