Jessica Simpson, Daisy, Martha Stewart, Chin Chin, Paw Paw

Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images, AP Photo/Douglas Healey

Looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. That the old trick was being publicly insensitive to loss of a fellow celeb's pooch made it all the more easy.

Martha Stewart has backtracked on comments made in the wake of Jessica Simpson's coyote-abetted dognapping, making slightly less harsh (or, as Jess would say, assholish) comments about the disappearance of her Daisy.

"I said that she should have been watching her dog more closely, but I feel very, very sorry for anybody that loses a pet," she said on Thursday's Martha Stewart Show.

"Jessica, I hope you find your pet, but if you don't, I'm really sorry that you lost one."

Stewart knows of what she speaks. She's said goodbye to two of her own well-pampered pets in the past year and a half.

The domestic diva, who as it happens had the pleasure of once meeting Daisy during a Macy's commercial pow-wow several years ago, said in the wake of the pup's snatching that Simpson should have been "more careful" and advised her to "get another dog."

As it is, the kind(er) words may take a while to get to Simpson. She's currently in Uganda filming The Price of Beauty and photogenically bemoaning the need for mosquito nets.

All dogs go to heaven; the same can't be said for those bloodsuckers.


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