Ryan Kwanten, Xavier Samuels

Courtesy Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Will/Ragozzino/Getty Images

“Xavier is just a kid; he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Now Ryan, he’s the naughty one.”

—Über-tight source to both Aussie actors Ryan Kwanten and Xavier Samuels when we asked if Xavier was getting frisky with Eclipse costar Ashley Greene, whom he’s photographed with occasionally. Besides having vampires in common, both boys grew up Down Undah in the same drama scene, but it looks like Kwanten might have picked up a few more girl tricks. We’ve met Ry before and must say he totally struck us as the shy-guy type. Meanwhile, we pegged Xavier for the new bad boy on set. Seems like we got our Awful Truths mixed up here! Can’t say we’re sad to hear Kwanten is a bad, bad boy, though. Makes the True Blood sex scenes that much more enjoyable!

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