Jessica Simpson, Twitter

First the Tony Romo breakup, then the evil coyote dognapping Daisy, and now Jessica Simpson has to sleep with a mosquito net in Africa. "WTF?!? Do I really have to sleep like this?" she tweeted. But you know, despite Jessica's big sad face there, it's actually Ashlee we're more worried about.

Oh good—another magazine cover featuring Megan Fox. This time it's Nylon, where Megs at least admits she is overexposed: "I think that I'm really overexposed...I don't want to be in magazines every week and on the Internet everyday. I don’t want to have people get completely sick of me before I’ve ever even done something legitimate." Too late!

Everyone enjoys a good Jennifer Aniston crying over the memory of Brad Pitt story, right? It's nice that there's a new one every day.

Too much sexy!

Somebody gave Lindsay Lohan a job! Well, actually, they gave Nicole Scherzinger a job but she backed out and then they gave Lindsay the job. She's hosting concerts for the Singapore Grand Prix. "I like to drive. I like cars. I like fast cars," LiLo said.


Hey Janet Jackson, those are some pretty distinct cheekbones you're rocking in our Big Pic gallery.

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