Randy Quaid, Evi Quaid

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

It seems not even Hollywood stars are above the odd dine-and-dash. Or, in Randy Quaid's case, resort-and-dash.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department has issued arrest warrants for the actor and wife Evi Quaid after the duo allegedly skipped out on $10,000-plus  bill at a local hotel.

"The three charges that both are facing are burglary, defrauding an innkeeper and conspiracy," sheriff's spokesman Drew Sugars tells E! News. "All three are felonies in this case."

While the reason for the defraud charge is apparent, the conspiracy and burglary counts were included as officers believe that the couple, who seem to have a history of this type of behavior, never had any intention of paying for their stay.

While authories have not identified the hotel in question, according to RadarOnline, back in June, the couple cozied up at the ultra luxe San Ysidro Ranch, only to be notified soon after their arrival that their credit card had been declined. The Quaids, who were nonetheless allowed to continue with their stay, told hotel management that they were waiting for a replacement card to be sent to them.

In the meantime, they continued racking up their five-figure tab, eventually departing from the ranch a week later: Unfortunately, as went the Quaids, so went any hope of payment.

After what the hotel claims were multiple attempts at recouping the bill, management turned to police, who launched an investigation into the matter.

Should the on-the-lam duo be caught, their bail has been set at $20,000 each.

Randy Quaid no longer has a publicist and, like the sheriff's department, we were unable to reach him for comment.

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