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Best Opening Song: OK, it was the only opening song, but Neil Patrick Harris brings a bit of his Tony Awards song and dance to the Emmys. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near as awesome as when he did that during the Tonys. Seriously, check it out on YouTube.

Biggest Letdown: The monologue, what there was of it, was a bit of a disappointment, though.

"I love that we're already running 27 minutes late. How did that happen?"
—Neil Patrick Harris, during his opening monologue

Biggest Surprise: Unlike past years, the show is divided up so that each category's awards—comedy, drama, etc.—are segregated in the same part of the show. Which is great if you only want to watch the comedy awards, so you could turn the show off after an hour. We, however, have to watch the whole thing.

Better Surprise: The addition of John Hodgman as the official voice of the Emmys. We always figured the winged Emmy creature would sound more like Wanda Sykes, or the actress who played George Costanza's mom, but he was good, too.

Biggest Meanie: Who made Kristen Chenoweth cry? One minute she's sitting there smiling, then they call her name and she's balling. That's so mean on her big night.

"Amy and I are honored to be presenting on the last official year of network broadcast television."
Julia Louis-Dreyfus with Amy Pohler, handing out the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Award

Best Scene-Stealer: Sure, Toni Collette won, but Sarah Silverman's moustache cemented her as the funniest of the funnyladies nominated. Well, except for Tina Fey.

What'd did you think? Did you like the song? Did you like the lumping together of comedy, drama? Did you like hearing John Hodgman? Sound off!


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