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The future of Jon Cryer's love life is in the balance on Two and a Half Men's Monday season premiere. Will he and Melissa get back together? Actress Kelly Stables, who plays Melissa, is here to tell us what to expect:

Introduce yourself and tell the folks at home who you play on Two and a Half Men.

My name is Kelly Stables, and I play Melissa on Two and a Half Men, who started off as Alan Harper's (Jon Cryer) receptionist, drove him home one night, met Charlie (Charlie Sheen), had a weekend with Charlie, and then Charlie dumped me. However, I did fall in love with Alan, and he and I have had an off-and-on relationship ever since. The big off was when I caught him in bed with my mother who's played by Carole King, after he tried her banana bread. However, when I saw him in the season finale of season seven, we ended up having a hook up in a hospital coat room because that's very classy. So we're gonna give it a go and see what happens in this upcoming season.

Are you guys definitely together now?
We'll find out Monday, actually. Season eight premieres on CBS at p.m. We definitely reunite and reconnect. 

Is it true we might see you partially clothed this season?
There are definitely some upcoming episodes where I had to make sure I was watching what I was eating. Holy cow. Yeah.

What's it like working with the cast of Two and a Half Men?
They are amazing. Jon and I find ourselves in some interesting positions, and he could not be more professional. It is just such an honor to work with these guys. I hope Jon wins an Emmy this weekend for Best Supporting Actor. He totally deserves it. His physical comedy is just so real and absolutely hilarious.

What else are you working on?
I was fortunate enough to book a pilot, and we just got picked up for a midseason replacement for ABC. It's called Romantically Challenged, and I'm going to be playing Alyssa Milano's little sister. The other actor in it is Kyle Bornheimer from Worst Week—he's hilarious. It's by one of the writers of Family Guy, Ricky Blitt, who just has this off the wall, but very sincere, sense of humor.

Give us one great tease about Monday's ep of Men.
I'm given guidelines for what I can say, but basically, we're going to see what happens in this upcoming season with Alan and Melissa. I think Melissa wants to believe in her heart that he can become the man that he is inside, but we’ll see what happens.

Two and a Half Men airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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