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We begin the episode with Sheree's training session. I think she is in great shape. Some people say it's masculine, but she looks great to me. Great arms. I just love how she has to preface her session by letting us know about all the celebrities the trainer works with. Who cares? Where are all of these Atlanta celebrities? Regardless, Sheree is a badass, and I just love to watch her this season.

Nene and Kandi go to check out the alter ego portraits. I love that she calls Lisa Booboo. I call my dog that, so now my boyfriend calls me that. I love the origination of nicknames. Where did boo come from?

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I almost lost my lunch when I had to watch those bodybuilders. I have to say I thought it was a very creative scene and not run-of-the-mill at all. How often do you see bedazzled thongs on meatheads? That whole culture is hilarious. Sheree was right to say that he isn't her type. If I were to set Sheree up, it would be with a smart, somewhat conservative, bright, wealthy businessman. That guy was straight out of Gold's Gym casting.

However, if they do go on a romantic date, they could take a Muscle Milk bath together. Hee hee. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I particularly like the sentence, "I'm not wantin' to sing" by Kim. She did however use a big word properly this week: superseded. Kim, that word is as big as your breasteses. I think it is hilarious that the fear she wants to face happens to be the career she is attempting to launch. It would be quite problematic if I had to overcome my fear of cooking, writing or preparing cocktails.

I also love Kim's pink, flowy Harlequin Romance dress. She should be running toward Fabio in a field in an "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" commercial. During this "I don't wanna sing" scene, I'm thinking: This is a moron. That said, she wasn't horrendous and terrible in the studio. The words did come out. My personal favorite moment was her tossing yet another cigarette butt onto the producer's lawn. I thought tossing one on her own lawn was vile enough.

Why isn't Kandi in this song? In the end, the beat sounded tolerable. I particularly liked the producers. They were sweet. I have a difficult time buying the salty, forced tears from her, but voilà, she faced her fears.

Not that I should talk, but next we have another obligatory photo shoot with Lisa. This felt like just filling space on the airwaves, so I'll just move on. I love all of Kim's trashtastic tight outfits. That champagne outfit looks like the drapery from the Waldorf Astoria's ballroom. She always looks like Louis XIV vomited on her.

When she fell, through, I didn't realize it was such a real spill.  Those scrapes and scratches looked bloody. I wouldn't want to proceed with my night. Or I would have a drink and move on. When Kandi said, "She is to' up," I couldn't resist saying to myself, "She is to' up from the toe up." Why didn't she either go in a bedroom and rest or just go home? The drama was a bit thick, but what else would we expect from Kim. Now she has scrapes to match her stripper bruises. Ouch. Oh no I di'n't.

I thought the photography in the alter ego photos was great; however, I would like just one alter ego. Instead, it was alternating alter egos. Nene's best was her stripper; Lisa, her gangster; Kim, because she actually is a mistress, should have gone with the Stepford wife.  

I actually loved Sheree and Kandi's pics the best and would leave them as is. I particularly like Kandi holding her bottle of Thunderbird in the brown bottle while driving in the car.

All in all, this episode was a passageway to the next one. Not every week does there need to be a weave-pulling, wig-snatching scene.  

Can't wait for the Kandi-Nene smackdown. I'm shooting my show now and want to shove words straight back down my throat as we speak.


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