Blind Vice, Awful Truth

Dear Morgan,

It's your dear pals here at Team Awful, and we think you'd better listen up to what we have to type.

What the s--t is wrong with you? Are you so high you think news of your latest antics doesn't travel back to gossip bloggers in Los Angeles? Think again. We've heard all about the ridiculous crap you're still pulling while out clubbing, and it's getting pathetic.

We're not even bothering to make you a Blind Vice for the week; you aren't good enough for that anymore. Really, we are thisclose to just straight outing you right here in the blog thanks to your highly visible, most recent drug stunt...

I mean, come, on: doing meth (again) in front of everyone at a recent party, having a freak-out moment and totally losing it while everyone watched and, yes, judged you.

And the pathetically funny thing is: Your pals who you think are right there with ya are the ones worried for your life. Us, too. Girlfriend, you used to have the potential to be a big player in the H'wood game, but right now you should worry less about your failing career and more about how you plan to stay friggin' breathing. At this rate, it isn't going to be for that much longer.

It's not even fun anymore to chronicle your sad pleas for attention. Would outing you once and for all be what it takes for your remarkably still-gorgeous ass to actually get help? We're considering it. Surely a rehab stint would follow, but maybe this time it would stick since the world would know you're into the painfully hard stuff, not just coke and booze anymore.

Figure it out, or we will for you.

Team Awful

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