Who better to bring the love than Paula Abdul?

The pint-size popster came roaring into her role as host of tonight's VH1 Divas special, gushing with love for the honorees (especially the Idol babies she "practically breast-fed") and eager to prove that she doesn't take herself—or diction—seriously.

There were so many Paula highlights, from her opening introduction as "Paula Abdul" to her trading "firecrotch" jabs with Kathy Griffin to pretending not to know Liza Minnelli, only to hand over her shoes when Liza paid them a compliment.

But in our opinion, the smartest wink-wink was Paula donning a blonde wig, blazer and sneakers to pay tribute to American Idol's newest judge.

"Why you all staring at me? Can't a girl try out a new job?" she asked innocently after boogying her way up the aisle of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.