Taylor Lautner, Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson, New Moon

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"I would pick flowers in this movie if it allowed me to be in the franchise."

Twilight's Michael Welch at the MI:6 club opening, telling us how overwhelmingly grateful he is to be in the megapopular vamp flicks.

Wonder if ousted babe Rachelle Lefevre woulda felt the same way? Maybe if she favored her commitment to the Twi movies in the first place over some indie flick, she wouldn't be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard. Now she knows not to look a gift franchise in the mouth!

Picking flowers, although "an odd example" admitted Michael, ain't too daring a task. We'll pick some damn tulips on camera all the live long day if it means we get to smell and ogle at Robert Pattinson on set for four movies.

How far would you go, Robsten darlings, to be a part of vampy movie magic? Never mind. No need to ask.

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