Beyonce Knowles

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And Beyoncé probably thought Kanye West was a pain in her ass.

Yesterday, Ms. Knowles was trumpeting her deal with the perfume purveyors at Coty Inc. to launch her own signature scent.

Today, Abercrombie & Fitch is trumpeting its preemptive lawsuit against Knowles and her olfactory allies, claiming they'd violate the trademark on Abercrombie's own Fierce cologne if they decide to name Knowles's perfume after the singer's alter ego, Sasha Fierce.

The rub? Knowles hasn't even picked a name for her fragrance yet.

Still, Abercrombie insists that the diva has already filed a series of intent-to-use trademark applications for Sasha Fierce and just wants to make sure no harm comes to the Fierce brand, which has earned nearly $200 million for Abercrombie since its launch in 2002.

Of course, Beyonce has plenty of other song titles to draw from if she needs a whiff of inspiration.  "Irreplaceable" anyone? If not, there's always our favorite, "Ego"—remixed by a certain Mr. West, natch.


While we have to wait to slather on the Sasha Fierce, there's plenty of other eaus de fame out there. We present the Smells Like Celebrity gallery.

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