The Duggars: 19 and Counting


Sorry, Gosselins. Better luck next time, Lohans.

This year's most gushed over guardians are reality 'rents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The 18 Kids and Counting progenitors have been named the 2009 National Parents of the Year by the National Parents' Day Council, who assures the public the selection was the result of quality, not quantity parenting.

The Duggars picked up their one accolade (and counting) at Maryland's Tontitown City Hall last week, with their 10 boys and 8 girls, aged 7 months to 20 years, in attendance for the honor-bestowal.

And with their eldest expecting a babe of his own next month, we suspect the 2010 Grandparents of the Year award is as good as locked up.

The Duggars are fine and all, but what we want to know is, who was robbed?

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