Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron

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Everyone has been so busy analyzing Robsten pics and Kanye's outburst from Sunday's VMAs that we have all failed to draw attention to one of our favorite things of summer: HBO's Sunday-night lineup. Even though True Blood may be over (we're crying tears of blood about that), Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood seem to have no problem staying in character together over the break.

While Entourage may have a few episodes left, we finally saw the one we were most looking forward to: the one guest starring Zac Efron. Totally doable Zac played himself, sans Vanessa Hudgens, which is just how we like him.

Check out the clip where Zefron leaves his teen-throb status in the dust and embraces his inner manliness, joining the too-naughty-for-basic-cable show.

Between keeping a cougar at bay and poking fun at himself for being known just as a hot bod, we can't help but raise Efron's coolness status in our books. He's reaching a new audience that, before, probably just thought of Z.E. as the douche with good hair who dances.

Hate to say it, but this is something Robert Pattinson needs to do, like soon.

We get that it is superhard for Rob to have anything even remotely resembling a regular life. The poor guy can't even date like a normal dude! But you forget that before yummy R.Pattz, Zac was the teen dream to beat.

While Pattinson has been practically locked up in hotel room after hotel room, Zac's been hard at work breaking his High School Musical stereotype. It all started with Saturday Night Live. That was when people started to see Zefron as an actual person—not just a celeb to gawk at—and a funny one at that. Plus, his passing on Footloose and going for a superweird, different movie was a smart move.

Rob's totally busy right now, we get that, but it's just something to bring to his handler's attention. We're obviously into the different roles he is taking on in various flicks (Little Ashes is the anti-Twilight), but we all want to see "Robert Pattinson" a little more, not just his characters!

Best place to start would probably be a guest stint on SNL, too, pre-New Moon time. Or maybe just taking Kristen to a damn Lakers game and planting a wet one on her, courtside, anyone else agree?

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