Pink, Shakira

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

It's a good thing Pink and Shakira are both cool celebs and not overdramatic narcissists like Kanye West.

In what could have caused a potential red carpet catfight, both singers showed up to last night's Video Music Awards wearing the exact same Balmain leather-studded dress.

But we can't blame their stylists for this one...

Pink told E! News that she ordered the dress online herself, while we're guessing Shakira's peeps picked hers.

The "She Wolf" singer paired her edgy dress with leather knee-high boots, while Pink (who later rocked pasties à la Lil' Kim during her performance) wore pumps, dangly earrings and a funky hairdo.

Luckily, the girls laughed at their matching getups and even posed for pics together. Pink gets extra awesome points for taking a stance and calling Kanye "the biggest piece of s--t on Earth" on her Twitter.

But let's leave Kanye-bashing aside for a just a sec and talk strictly fashion. Who wore the leather minidress best?


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