Brandi Glanville may be open with the press about her relationship with soon-to-be-ex hubby Eddie Cibrian, but she's still not talking to him…or LeAnn Rimes for that matter. 

The mother of two told E! News exclusively that she has not been in communication with the outed couple since the split. 

"I do not speak with Leann," Glanville said. 

E! News caught up with Glanville near the home she once shared with Cibrian Sunday. The former model spent the afternoon picnicing in Calabasas with their two McDonalds Happy Meal toting tots, Mason, 6, and Jake, 2. 

When asked how she and the kids were dealing with the break-up, Glanville said, "They're great. They're super happy. We're having a picnic…it's all good. Got to move on, right? I just play with my kids." 

In spite of Glanville's accusations that Cibrian is "too busy juggling women to be a dad," the Northern Lights star showed up Rimes-less Saturday to Mason's first soccer game of the season. But, the former couple did not interact. 

Don't expect his new girlfriend to show up at Mason's future soccer games, however. Glanville said the singer has never met their children, as far as she knows.

A source told E! News that Cibrian and Rimes are "not as serious as everyone thinks they are." Despite rumors that the couple is shacking up, the source said Cibrian still has his own apartment.   

"He still hasn't moved everything out of his house," said the source.  Nor has he introduced Rimes to his mother, who might be an issue later for the twosome. 

"His mom and Brandi are like best friends," said the source. "They are still really close. They just don't talk about him." 

Glanville declined to comment on any pending legal proceedings regarding a custody agreement or pre-nup.

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