Evan Rachel Wood, Alexander Skarsgard

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images; Jason LeVeris/Getty Images

Alexander Skarsgard was spotted breaking True Blood fans' hearts everywhere while publicly stepping out with Evan Rachel Wood late Friday night in LA. The sorta mismatched pair were hugging as they exited Village Idiot restaurant and bar on Melrose Ave. They couldn't help but get all close and cuddly while leaving the superfun hang around midnight, all Team Eric eyes nearby crying at their missed opportunity to snatch up the Swedish stud.

Sorry folks, looks like this twosome's more than just a rumor.  

Definite step up for Ev, while we're not sure what dating direction it is for Alex, since he likes his bedroom habits kept supersecret. Not anymore! Guess we should christen these two a nickname à la Robsten—howsabout Skarswood? Or would you guys still prefer to be in denial?

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