Rumer Willis, Sorority Row

Michael Desmond/ Summit Enteratinment

Review in a Hurry: Oops! A Theta Pi prank goes too far, and the girls wonder if other Greeks know what they did last summer! With way hip casting—Briana Evigan (Step Up 2: The Streets), Rumer Willis (The House Bunny) and Hills alum Audrina Patridgethis splatfest is exactly the type of movie it should be.

The Bigger Picture: Don't think too hard, or at all, and Sorority Row works. The opening scene, in which an unsuspecting cheating boyfriend gets set up by the Theta Pi sisters for the ultimate fake-out—but quickly escalates to a very real dead body, is pretty convincing. Sure, you can think "why is there an abandoned mine shaft nearby?" but don't bother.

Of course, good gal Cassidy (Evigan) wants to do the right thing and ringleader Jessica (Leah Pipes) is all about covering it up. Eventually, the rest of the group falls in line with J's way of thinking and the stage is set to see how far the well-off will go to stay well-off. Once the body count starts piling up, the "sisters forever" mantra starts to fall apart.

The trick with this kind of pic is keeping the audience's attention with more than just clever kills (which the film does have—hello flare gun!). Screenwriters Josh Stolberg & Peter Goldfinger focus their attention on the dynamic hate-you/hate-you-more relationship between Cassidy & Jessica. Both actresses play their parts to the hilt and it's great fun to watch.

Evigan has grown up and has that "it" factor which any would-be scream queen requires. But it's Pipes as Jessica who breaks out as the Queen Bee. In fact, she may have more hilarious one-liners than Rachel McAdams did in Mean Girls.

Willis plays weak link Ellie with just the right amount of "OMG we're all gonna die!"-tude that you don't want to see her get offed (yet). And Margo Harshman plays slutty gal Chugs whose so-over-it mentality made us smile.

Production-wise, the film earns its R rating with plenty of gore and enough scantily clad gals and guys to fill the best-looking frat party ever.

The 180—a Second Opinion: This is teen horror with teen humor and as fun as the ride is it never transcends the genre. The Ring this ain't.


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