Mischa Barton

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That Mischa Barton is just so wise.

Perhaps that's why her meltdown that sent her to the psychiatric ward is being blamed on her wisdom teeth. Still.

The Beautiful Life starlet appeared on The View today and was appropriately grilled on the situation. Instead of giving the Barbara Walters and the other ladies who coffee klatch stock answers or keeping her mouth shut, she opened way wide, including talk of pain meds and suicide (we think, kinda, sorta)…

"It's kind of silly now to be talking about it because I'm fine now, but it was a really bad time for me. It was sort of one of those things that was like a perfect storm. Everything happened at once," she admits before going into the ins and outs of her oral surgery gone wrong.

On the day things game to a crown, the starlet self-medicated.

"I had an infection and a dry socket and I woke up on a Sunday morning and there was no doctor available," she says. "I was trying to take the minimum amount of pain killers and get through it because I had to go to work soon and I was getting ready to go do this show, The Beautiful Life, and meanwhile I still had a schedule to travel….I think that I was just starting to feel completely overwhelmed. It was just too much to have this surgery go so wrong."

Then Mischa starts really not making sense. She says something that rings of a suicidal threat and segues into her fear of needles. She refers to the "silly" incident as a meltdown and hitting rock bottom and calls her "terrible pain" a wakeup call. See if you can make heads or tails of this toothy talk.

"When they take you into the hospital for something when it goes really wrong if you're having a meltdown and you say something like 'I feel like I want to die,'…they start injecting you with things to calm down. Like I'm petrified of needles. Like absolutely petrified," she says.

"I just figure that if you hit rock bottom like that...and you're around people, you know, you realize I'm nothing like these people," she continues. "I have a career, I worked so hard for it. I'm such a positive person...I think you can overcome anything and for me having that kind of chronic pain for the first time in my life, like being in serious pain was such a wakeup call.

"I've seen friends go though terrible, terrible pain and I've worked in hospitals and never experienced it myself. And I have such a newfound respect for people who live with that kind of pain and I think it was just a wakeup call for me about life and respecting life so much more.

"Anyway, I got really healthy since then. I've just been doing everything I can to keep my job happy and healthy and I've moved to New York with my two dogs and I have a great apartment I just got."

Got that?

For the record, we do wish Mischa well. We just wish she could talk about it coherently.


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