Give Michael Kors the night off and all hell breaks loose.

OK, maybe the whole "new bra situation" wasn't that bad. But even setting aside Heidi Klum's oversharing with the guest judges, tonight's Project Runway was full of life lessons, like Don't Play it Safe, Don't Make Your Model Look an Old Lady and Don't Make Judges Choose Between You or Logan.

Because Logan's hot.

However, maybe our favorite moments of tonight's episode were clips of some of the designers slagging the competition's outfits—only to later see some of those very designs getting the highest scores.

Revenge, it's what reality TV is made for. 

The Fourth Project Runway Poll
Did the right designer go home?

OK, let's get back to fashion, shall we? Let's check out the hot looks happening in our Fashion Week Spring 2010: Runway Rundown gallery.

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