We've already admitted how endearing we find Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP cooking videos, and after a brief GOOP-cation, Gwynnie's back with another one. It's even better than the last—she barely talks! That really eliminates anything you could possibly hate about it.

No name-dropping, no condescending 'tude, no long-winded anecdotes of privilege. There is, however, a lack of hand-washing again, but she didn't cut up any chicken so she's in the clear. Hmmm, she wears another gray shirt; that could be something? But that's really stretching it.

So good job nourishing our inner aspects, Gwynnie! We mean it.


Yeah we know, all anyone cares about is Twilight so check out our Big Pic for Eclipse's first on-set photos.

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