Lily Allen

Mike Marsland/Getty Images

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Hey, Lily Allen, we need you to sit down for a sec. Listen. We think it's totally cool that you're all young and rebellious and don't give a hoot about what people think. We really do.

But you gotta wear pants sometimes, OK?

We know what you're thinking: Rules and pants are a bummer! But, Lils, having your bums hang out of some 99-cent panty hose at the London GQ Awards is unacceptable.

Actually, the whole thing is kind of a nylon nightmare, with the creepy cougar nightie, the flagrant bra straps, the tussled Elvira hair and your relentless insistence on underwear as outwear. It's too much.

We know this is a phase you'll grow out of, though, and we'll be ready to help you bundle up against over exposure. Love ya!


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