A small piece of good news for John Graziano.

The 24-year-old Iraq War veteran, permanently disabled two years ago after speed-demon Nick Hogan flipped the car they were in, has finally been released from a Florida hospital.

Graziano was riding shotgun with his best pal, sustaining a cracked skull and severe brain damage during the street-racing mishap. While Hogan, whose real name is Nicholas Bollea, escaped unscathed, Graziano was left bed-ridden, unable to communicate or move on his own due to swelling of his brain.

Per the St. Petersburg Times, VA doctors felt Graziano's condition had improved enough to allow him to be discharged. His mom, Debra, escorted the wheelchair-bound Marine to a minivan with his brother and sister, and the family left for home earlier today.

Unlike Bollea, who ended up serving five months in jail for reckless driving but can get on with his life, Graziano's brain injury means he will need lifelong, round-the-clock medical care. His family has a civil suit against the Hogans.


You'd think Nick would be barred from getting behind a wheel for a long time, right?  Not so fast.

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