America's favorite dancers are shaking things up with one of America's favorite talkers.

No, Tyra Banks isn't a last-minute addition to Dancing With the Stars.

The Top 10 dancers from season five of So You Think You Can Dance—yes, that includes winner Jeanine Mason and that adorable Evan Kasprzak—took a break from their tour rehearsals to promote season six join Ellen DeGeneres to help the shimmying funny girl kick off the seventh season of her show.

Let's not forget the hilarity that ensued earlier this summer when Ellen joined Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy at the judges table on SYTYCD. She sang all of their praises and even delivered a bad joke about carpentry and nailing the routine. Well, apparently, the terrific 10 are returned the favor and brought the flavor.

Unlike her usual adorable side slides and head bops, Ellen joined them in a surprisingly lengthy choreographed hip-hop number.

It's awesome.

We can hear Mary's Hot Tamale Train chuggin' down the bend…Woot!

It was so good, we almost forgot about David Beckham and Lady Gaga's appearances.

The only thing missing was the lovable Cat Deeley.


You know what else is hot? Sharp-Dressed Men!

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