DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)

What happened in DJ AM's 12-step-themed public remembrance has aptly remained off-limits—with the single and rather touching exception of a memorial video of the late spinmeister compiled by friends.

The footage, which was played during the Thursday tribute, was released online yesterday and features the artist otherwise known as Adam Goldstein pretty much in his element.

AM is featured behind the turntables; with fans and friends, including girlfriend Haley Wood, former fiancée Nicole Richie, Travis Barker, Jay-Z, Will Smith, Kobe Bryant, Mark Ronson, Wilmer Valderrama and fellow scratchers Samantha Ronson and Steve Aoki; making a guest appearance on Entourage, celebrating with his sister, mother and other family members in photos that span his 36 years; showing off his prized 600-pair Nike collection; snuggling with his cat Mugsy; and finally, and most touchingly, walking arm-in-arm with his mother.

The footage ends with AM and his mom holding hands and strolling around his home, with the DJ imparting the following words of motherly wisdom:

"My mom always said you want to be happy in life, find something you love to do so much you'd do it for free, then find somebody to pay you for it."


Check out our tribute to the late great scratcher in our DJ AM gallery.

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