Ashlee Simpson, Thomas Calabro

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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's life at Melrose Place may include getting it on with a man old enough to be her father!

Thomas Calabro, who's reprising his role as Melrose Place's womanizing Dr. Michael Mancini, teases that he may swap spit with Pete Wentz's wifey on the revamped series, premiering tomorrow night on the CW.

Simpson-Wentz, 24, plays small-town gal Violet Foster on M.P.

"It obviously wouldn't be Michael Mancini without a hookup, and he obviously has to hook up outside of his marriage…[so] it's always a possibility," Calabro, 50, told us about a possible Michael-Violet tryst.

His character may still be up to his old tricks, but Calabro says there's also a lot that has changed about Dr. Mancini since the original show last aired 10 years ago…

"Michael Mancini now has globs and globs of money," Calabro said. "He's got money, power and influence. Second, he's got this really pain-in-the-butt son who's 22 and not afraid to go toe-to-toe with him."

And what about Heather Locklear's possible return as Amanda Woodward?

Calabro insists he's not privy to any inside scoop: "I know you think I'm in the know, but I'm not."

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


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