Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin, Nadya Suleman, Michelle Duggar, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

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If you're driving anywhere with your family this weekend, we're guessing that however many kids you have seems like plenty. That's not so in the media, of course, where more is always better.

Way back in the day, Eight Is Enough tried to gently alert us to the vicissitudes of excess reproduction, but even Dick Van Male-Pattern Baldness couldn't prepare us for today's supersized realities. There's something vaguely lurid in our contemporary gawking, as we're undeniably glued to the tube (and "the Intertubes") to keep abreast of all the latest über-brood brouhahas. Which prompts the question:

Procreation-Porn Poll
Which oversized brood is your fave?


Not all big stars have broods to match, as you can see in our Famous Families gallery.

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